About Doaibu

Doaibu is the decentralized swap and launchpad for tokens based on a polygon. Doaibu is mainly using polygon for connecting and building blockchain networks. We offer multiple services to our investors unlike other coins in the market. The core services that we offer include Token Swap, Launchpad, Staking & Farming.

Continuous development, transparency, inventiveness, profitability and community are our basic beliefs. We are currently in a discussion with different coins for informal partnerships, we have faith in working in association rather than rivalry. The partnerships will be centered around benefits for both communities.

Project leaders and innovators will directly apply for fundraising without a third party. Users can easily invest in the initial phase of the project and also track their investments without effort. Doaibu will also have in-built staking and farming modules that helps users to earn money while holding $DOA tokens.

Our Products

Launchpad & Accelerator

Doaibu is a polygon-based launchpad empowering your ideas to raise funds to grow the project to the next level. Fundraising is a crucial step for every project, and we will provide the best fundraising platform. Doaibu will be the fully secured and compliant platform for the project as well as users.

Doaibu Dex

Doaibu allows token holders to easily exchange one cryptocurrency token for another without leaving their wallets.


Doaibu token holders can have the option to stake their tokens to cultivate more $DOA tokens. The more you stake $DOA tokens, the more rewards you will earn.


Users can stake or lend their crypto assets in order to generate higher rewards in the form of $DOA tokens.

Coinswap Marketplace

Coinswap Marketplace DOA Token/coin is an innovation for exchange or purchase, payment, billing in all product ranges that we enter into the platform. These products include mobile phone credit bills, and e-Money also includes streaming platforms such as BIGO LIVE, HAGO LIVE and others but don't leave out some game refill products such as Mobile legends, point blanks, and the like. We focus on the Coinswap Marketplace ecosystem from the DOA Coin project to be used by the entire world community wherever they are without space and time limits.

Features of Doaibu

Doaibu comprises many advanced features, unlike other tokens. Check out the prime feature’s that Doaibu offers to our investors.



Fair and accessible for everyone




Community First


Governance Model


Competitive Platform Fees



Upcoming milestones in Doaibu's journey to become the successful project. As we move forward with our project, our roadmap will evolve.

Phase 1

  • Project Research
  • Initial Planning
  • Team Building
  • Tokenomics Consultation
  • Worked on Demo App

Phase 2

  • Website Launch
  • Whitepaper 1.0 launch
  • Token Generation Event
  • Demo App Release
  • CMC & Coingecko Listing

Phase 2

  • Initial Marketing Campaign
  • Airdrop Launch
  • Private Sale
  • Presale
  • Listing on Dex

Phase 3

  • Coinswap Marketplace Mainnet Launch
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Tier System Revealed
  • Launchpad V1 Release
  • Beta Swap Release

Phase 3

  • Staking V1 Live
  • Farming Live
  • Tier 1 CEX Exchange Listing
  • Market Making
  • Airdrop Distribution

Phase 4

  • Launchpad V2 Release
  • CEX Listings
  • Second Marketing Campaign

Phase 4

  • Full Version Swap Launch
  • Staking V2 Launch

Many more to come


$DOA token will work as a native utility token for Doaibu platform.

Total Supply : 10,000,000 $DOA
Blockchain : Polygon
Token Name : Doaibu
Token Ticker : $DOA
Smart Contract Address (Polygon)
Smart Contract Address (Fantom)
Smart Contract Address (Dogechain)
Smart Contract Address (Ethw)

Our Team

Meet our experienced, talented and innovative team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through frequently asked questions & answers, you will get a clear idea about Doaibu and also it may clear your doubts if any.

Doaibu is a Community-Focused Token For Decentralized Ecosystem. Doaibu has aims to go above and beyond for its community.
Doaibu has fully distributed decentralised token supply. Team tokens are locked for next 5 years till 2027. Doaibu has very fantastic and experienced team.
We haven't listed anywhere. Our private sale and public sale will be happen in Q2 of 2022. Join our telegram announcement channel for latest updates. https://t.me/Doaibu_Channel
Yes, you need $DOA tokens to participate in future IDOS on Doaibu platform.
Launchpad tier details will be revealed in Phase 3.
KYC requirement is determined by project leadership independently.
Please note that our Admins would never dm you first. If anyone chat you claiming to be official support of Doaibu, just know that is likely to be an impersonator/scammers. If you find an impersonator just report and block the person.